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All bikes going to New Zealand now DO NOT require a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD). Was in Christchurch a few days ago and after meeting with Customs officials and our Customs Broker we've come up with a much cheaper solution. A bond is still required.











ABN 98 055 447 869

Shipping your motorcycle from

Australia to New Zealand and return.

One Way shipments in either direction available 

(conditions apply)



Get Routed New Zealand is now back in the hands of Dave & Maggie.

For all enquiries please contact Dave on 03 5625 9080


Booking document for 2019 Summer       click here

Please note:

There will be just one shipment to New Zealand in Summer 2019 - 1 container from Brisbane, 1 from Sydney and 1 from Melbourne.

There will be a shipment from Perth.

Click this link for the Perth booking form

The shipments are timed to allow you to attend the following:

Burt Munro Festival 8-10 February.

NZ Classic Racing Register Pukekohe meeting.

International Triumph Rally at Hanmer Springs 22-24 February.

BEARS Sound of Thunder Ruapuna meeting.

Yes - One Way imports/exports- read about it here

NO CRATES!! our shipping method doesn't use crates

For bike shipping to Europe &UK go to www.getrouted.com.au

Mt Cook