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Bike Return

So your holiday is over and your bike has been loaded for the return journey

Dave might have given you some idea as to how long before it gets back to the port it was loaded at.

Around 2 weeks from New Zealand and 6 weeks from the UK & 6 weeks from the USA.

It's up to you to call us to find out when your bike is ready for collection.

Remember the Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne unloading/storage depot where your bike is located when it comes back does not belong to Get Routed and the first 3 working days is free. After that it will be $10 per day and you will pay it before collecting your bike.

For more info call the local loader/unloader:-

Melbourne - Dave Milligan - 03 9351 0612

Sydney - Andrew Hall - 0412 922 631

Brisbane - Steve Hoban - 0407 110 848

Bear in mind we are shipping agents and all sorts of other organisations are involved in the return of your bike.

The shipping company - they can occasionally delay things - weather, clogged ports, union disputes etc etc.

The Customs Broker - I.H.Hunter Pty Ltd - they process all the paperwork and liase with Customs & Quarantine.

The Pack/unpack depot where your bike was originally loaded. There can be hold-ups there if they are busy or have temporarily run out of space in the warehouse, or can't get an immediate "slot" to collect the container from the wharf after it's been unloaded from the ship.

Australian Customs Service - They can inspect and hold up any shipment they choose. They protect Australia's borders.

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service They inspect every bike in every shipment and if it fails the cleanliness test you pay for the steam cleaning, any transport costs and the re-inspection by AQIS officers.

There are all sorts of factors to the return of your bike and it only takes one component to delay the return of your precious toy. We have no control over any of these factors, other than to say we pay our bills as soon as they arrive and as a result have a good rapport with all our suppliers and they look after our shipments of bikes as best they can .