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One way imports or exports


Australia has a strict set of rules regarding imported vehicles. The rules are overseen by the Department of Transport & Regional Services, also known as DOTARS.

Briefly:- if you're overseas (anywhere in the world) for more than 12 months and buy a bike (built after 1 January, 1989) which you use and own for that same 12 plus months you can import it back into Australia. You must apply for a Vehicle Import Approval.

Bikes built before 1 January, 1989 are able to be imported without the 12 months rule, but you still have to apply to DOTARS for a Vehicle Import Approval.

Email dave@getrouted.com.au for the link to the DOTARS site where you can make application for a VIA

Please note; we don't load your bike in the country of origin until we have in our possession your original of the Vehicle Import Approval document. Without that we can't get Customs Clearance in Aust.


We can export your bike One Way to New Zealand.

Please bear in mind imports into other countries must be dealt with according to the import regulations of that country.


For costs on all One Way imports & exports please go to our pricing page