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Our prices are determined by the amount of floor space each bike takes up. We are able to load 20 Standard size bikes (most sport & sport touring bikes are shorter than 2.30 metres) into a container, so the bigger the bikes are, the less bikes we can load into each container.

Bikes up to 2.30 metres long (Standard Size) $1975.00

covers most bikes GST is not included because there's no GST on overseas freight

Yes, that's 2.30 metres long overall. No pack racks poking out or Top Boxes or Top Box mounting plates. That is the overall dimension and if your bike is longer than 2.30 metres long it moves to the Long bike category unless you can shorten it by removing Pack Racks or Top Boxes - we do NOT mess with your bike. Reducing its length is entirely up to you.

LONG BIKES - i.e. bikes over 2.30 metres long $2975.00 return

PLEASE NOTE: A container is 2.30 metres wide and because we place the bikes across the width bikes longer than 2.30m attract a higher price because we can only place them lengthways in the container therefore reducing the number of bikes in the container..

ONE WAY PRICES - ONLY if space is available

Bikes up to 2.30 metres long $1525 All other 2 wheel bikes $2585. Wof & Rego & Compliancing NOT included

Trikes, Sidecar outfits and 4 wheelers - quoted on measurements. For all One Way shipments, FULL PAYMENT is required at the time of booking. Costs include container lease, loading and unloading, sea freight both ways, transport from ship to storage area at each end, transport from storage area to ship at each end, the use of bike specific cradles and tiedowns, Customs and Quarantine clearance at both ends, free first 3 days secure storage of all bikes prior to your arrival, (it is simply not possible to have the container arrive the same day you arrive in New Zealand), agency fees, storage handling fees and wharf handling fees.

DEPOSIT Your $600 shipping deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. We may be able to roll it over to another shipment for up to 18 months after the date it was paid or refund it if you can encourage someone else to take your space - at the discretion of Get Routed.